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Welcome to RADIO DLC 1: The BIG ONE!™...
your CPN station for The Ultimate in Boss Reggae & Sweet Soul
and The Home of Roots Dynamic Radio!

Founded in 2013 by music historian, recording artist and radio personality Daddy Lion Chandell (“The Roots Warrior” a/k/a “The Professor”), Radio DLC 1 was endowed with a strict, solid mission to give our listeners nothing but the greatest music ever to be found on radio with JUST the right touch of personality and quality one can and should expect from a radio station.

After a recent hiatus (due to touring and reconstruction), Radio DLC 1 will return to the air in Fall 2017, bigger and better than ever with the return of the “Roots Dynamic Radio” series as well as new, upcoming programs including “The Heart Of Soul” and “RPI”!

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is owned and operated by TVA Broadcasting
in conjunction with Roots Dynamic Sound Movement
DLC, DLC IndustryWatch, DLC Information Group,
Radio DLC, Radio DLC 1, TVA, TVA Broadcasting,
“The BIG ONE!”, “The Home of Boss Reggae & Sweet Soul”,
their logos, slogans, and all other related indicia are the exclusive
trademark and service mark properties of
Daddy Lion Chandell / The DLC Organization.
Roots Dynamic, Roots Dynamic Sound Movement,
“Roots Dynamic Radio”, "The Heart Of Soul"
"Lovers' Uprising", their respective logos, slogans,
and all other related indicia are trademark and service mark
properties of Daddy Lion Chandell on behalf of
Roots Dynamic Sound Movement.

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RADIO DLC 1 is a service of TVA Broadcasting, a division of DLC Information Group • A Unit of The DLC Organization.֎ © 2013-2017 TVA Broadcasting, a Unit of The DLC Organization. All Rights Reserved.

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